FMF Reader Poll: Worst 'Runway' Elimination

Nina is back tonight so let's hope the terrible judging stops on Project Runway. We're getting to the point where most of the people left (when I said most I was excluding at you, Nicolas) are pretty good designers. Nina revealed to that she was even mad about Ra'mon's elimination, but she thought Epperson's was deserved. Which elimination made you the most upset? Also, tell us in the comment who you think is headed home tonight. (I think I've made me vote clear).


Rachel said…
I voted Ra'mon, but I also think Epperson should still be around (no hideous pants!). I'm hoping Nicholas will go home tonight.
Robin said…
I think I've made my views obnoxiously clear. I think Ra'mon and Epperson rocked, and there are quite a few designers left who I find annoying or forgettable.
Jael Paris said…
Nina had quite a bit to say it to Entertainment Weekly.
Kschenke said…
I honestly thought Epperson's dress was very pretty (I'm curvy and enjoy a dress with some volume). It was also made really well. I don't know what the judges were thinking. How could Nicholas not be in the loser's circle with that awful hippie look... even if his client liked it, it looked really crappy.

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