FMF Reader Poll: Runway Hair

Runway hair is often extreme, usually to contribute to the feel of the collection. Sometimes, I adore the creative hair styles (like the ones at McQueen, especially the beginning looks), but, other time, I hate how the hair takes away from the clothes (like the giant Afros at Louis Vuitton). The above looks are from the following shows. I encourage you to take a look at the shows to see how the hair fits in the with the collection. 1. Alexander McQueen (First half)
2. Alexander McQueen (Second half)
3. Louis Vuitton
4. Yohji Yamamoto
5. Jean Paul Gaultier*
6. Comme des Garçons

Vote for your Favorite and Least Favorite Looks Below:
*I know the polls say Galliano, but this is actually Gaultier


Jael Paris said…
I did not find the afros nearly as distracting as you. In fact I think they're kind of cute.

I liked the hair at McQueen because I immediately thought of lizards, the inspiration for the show. I couldn't imagine being one of the models and sitting through that though.

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