Fingerless And Driving Gloves

A couple months ago, I complained that New York & Company did not sell the driving gloves in their colorful ads. (They have a similar ad for the cold weather, and this ad has the same problem.) The idea of fingerless gloves or driving gloves worn solely as a fashion statement -- alternative jewelry if you will -- has stuck with me. Here are some of the looks I love:Top: backless button gloves, Sock Dreams $10
pink star driving gloves, Debenhams £20.00
long zip gloves, Shop Bop $90
Middle: bow driving gloves, Free People $49.65
orange fingerless gloves, Revolve Clothing $41
basic fingerless gloves, Sock Dreams $10
Bottom: perforated glovettes, Patricia Field $42
red Italian leather driving gloves, Leather Gloves Online $59.95
chain gloves, Free People $68


LyddieGal said…
I hate it when adds for clothes feature models wearing stuff you can't buy. So frustrating.

I also found some great fingerless leather gloves with pyramid studs on them at TJMaxx the other day, but they were $20, and I wasn't sure how much I would actually wear them, since they are just a fashion accessory that wont keep my fingers warm!
padana gloves said…
Leather fingerless gloves are one of the most common types found in this style. They have a wide range of uses for both men and women which makes them extremely useful.
There are styles for sports, fashion, work and just about everything in between. Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses for leather fingerless gloves.

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