Fingerless And Driving Gloves

A couple months ago, I complained that New York & Company did not sell the driving gloves in their colorful ads. (They have a similar ad for the cold weather, and this ad has the same problem.) The idea of fingerless gloves or driving gloves worn solely as a fashion statement -- alternative jewelry if you will -- has stuck with me. Here are some of the looks I love:Top: backless button gloves, Sock Dreams $10
pink star driving gloves, Debenhams £20.00
long zip gloves, Shop Bop $90
Middle: bow driving gloves, Free People $49.65
orange fingerless gloves, Revolve Clothing $41
basic fingerless gloves, Sock Dreams $10
Bottom: perforated glovettes, Patricia Field $42
red Italian leather driving gloves, Leather Gloves Online $59.95
chain gloves, Free People $68


LyddieGal said…
I hate it when adds for clothes feature models wearing stuff you can't buy. So frustrating.

I also found some great fingerless leather gloves with pyramid studs on them at TJMaxx the other day, but they were $20, and I wasn't sure how much I would actually wear them, since they are just a fashion accessory that wont keep my fingers warm!
padana gloves said…
Leather fingerless gloves are one of the most common types found in this style. They have a wide range of uses for both men and women which makes them extremely useful.
There are styles for sports, fashion, work and just about everything in between. Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses for leather fingerless gloves.
A good pair of best driving gloves is meant to enhance your driving experience. They not only keep your grubby paws off the filthy wheel, they provide additional grip that helps you keep a handle on your car even when taking hairpin turns at speeds.

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