What Do You Mean "Model's Own"?

New York & Company is currently running banner ads featuring the outfit on the left. Each piece is relatively simple, but the combination of colors lifts it beyond habitual office attire. The one use of print in the leopard bag was particularly inspired. I eagerly went to their website to search for some of the pieces and they're all available (the floral pins come on cardigans though so they fudged a bit) except for the one thing I want -- open orange gloves. Isn't that citrus pop perfect for the upcoming season? Alas, a search for gloves turns up nothing; I fear they are "model's own", a term that has tripped up my shopping experience more than once. So while I love the outfit in the ad, I feel I can put that together with things I already own, and the distinctive piece is nowhere to be found. Do I smell fail?


kylsie said…
I have myself quite a crush on those gloves. I missed them at first in the (awesome) noise of that outfit. Good catch!
WickedThrifty said…
ok so they're not quite the same or as sleek as the leather, but what about something knitted from etsy?

Orange Fingerless Gloves on Etsy
Jael Paris said…
I'm not a fan of knit gloves. Too bulky around my fingers.
.:*aMbAr*:. said…
WOW!!! That outfit is amazing! I'm a huge fan of colors, although I'm often seen wearing good 'ol black.

PS: It sucks, about the gloves.
rachel said…
I love all the colors. Too bad that the gloves aren't available though. Search leather shops maybe?
Jael Paris said…
I should ad that most of this outfit is now one sale, so you can pick it up for under $150.

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