Editor's Pick of the Week: Texture Tights

In the colder months, I love to layer. I love to wear a soft tee under a cozy sweater with a structured jacket, a crisp skirt, warm tights and leather boots. This layering is mostly an attempt to avoid death by icy Chicago wind. However, it allows me to play with textures, which is an incredibly fun and tactile way to get dressed in the morning. (And something has to entice me to ditch my cozy jammies and robe long enough to put on proper clothing).

These woven tights from Anthropologie provide a heavy dose of texture (and warmth) without being to bulky, busy or overbearing. I can mix these with a print dress, button boots or a chunky sweater without worrying that I've overdone it. They add a sturdy, warm feel without compromising a professional look (like many sweater tights can). I wouldn't usually consider $18 tights, but these just might be worth it. They already have my legs thinking warm thoughts as the cold breath of Jack Frost blows toward us.


WickedThrifty said…
i see items all the time that i ADORE from this brand, but i don't think i could ever bring myself to pay the prices. i just blogged about some sweet sweater tights i have-- Givenchy brand-- which i found for $5 at marshall's. more my speed ;) those are super cute though!
Caitlin said…
Looove textured tights!
Kyrie said…
i just bought some really lovely ones from target last night after i saw this post. $7.00 really thick and soft. the pattern isnt super distracting either. i may just be able to get away with them at the office.

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