Vintage Jacket

Can you imagine an item more perfect for fall than a bright red jacket with feather embroidery? I want to wear it with my burgundy pants and a white ruffle top. Or maybe my brown tweed trumpet skirt and some beige ankle boots. Perhaps my mustard shorts and orange tights on a funky day. What would you wear it with?

$55 at Big Yellow Taxi Vintage


Jess K. said…
omg, i like all those options. why not all of them on different days. if you look good in it, wear it!

PS: my brain is not ready for fashion week...i'm still putting together fall pieces in my brain. how do u cope with the runaway inspiration for spring of next year and still putting together fall pieces!?
Jael Paris said…
Seasons of practice.
Jess K. said…
haha, yes, i need more practice. my sister says a lot of stuff carries over too...i'm still learning :)

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