Vintage Animal Print Coats

As a high school graduation present in 1969, my mother received a leopard print dress coat. She was thrilled when, decades later, I pulled it out of the "this should go to Goodwill but we're too attached" closet and declared I was keeping it as my own. It's very Jackie O., who inspired a slew of reproductions when she appeared in a leopard coat. Seeing how many leopard print coats are still around from that era (and zebra coats from the glam 80s), it just makes economic sense to buy vintage if you're thinking of getting animal print outerwear for this season. (All these coats are faux fur.)Top: cheetah jacket with gold buttons 1960s, The Greedy Seagull on Etsy $75
animal print toggle coat 1960s, babietaytay on ebay $49.99
fuzzy cheetah trench 1970s, Walk By Moonlight on Etsy $115
Middle: cropped animal print jacket 1980s, Vintage Eye Fashion $24
zebra coat 1960s, Big Yellow Taxi Vintage on Etsy $139
Bottom: leopard cocoon coat 1960s, Bombshell*Frocks on ebay $225
green peacoat with leopard collar 1960s, idigvintage on Etsy $395 (Pricey but too fab to not show you.)
tiger coat 1960s, secrect Back Room on Etsy $125


rachel said…
I don't mind so much if vintage fur is real. After all, an animal that was alive in the 60's is probably long gone by now, fur included. Vintage fur is recycling and preserving memory.
Ariel said…
I agree about vintage fur; it is so much better to stay warm using fur from the 50s than to buy faux fur new. It sickens me when I see PETAphiles talking about burning vintage fur when it's perfectly usable.

*ahem* Anyway, I just wanted to comment- the beautiful Peacock coat with the trim? I'm sure that's real leopard, and still in beautiful condition.

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