Save or Splurge: Magazines

It's September so the really big issues are on the stand (though not as big as previous years). I usually buy Vogue's September issue every year, but I'm not sure I will this year. A severe bout of unemployment makes $5 a big deal for me. Plus, I can see all the ads online and have plenty of blogs to tide me over when I have a fashion craving.

I'm a magazine hoarder so I usually splurge on a issue I really want, but I'm picky about the issue. Lately, few magazines hold my attention enough to convince me to purchase a subscription so I don't splurge there.

Do you save or splurge on magazines? Are you buying any September issues?

Do you subscribe to any fashion magazines? Which ones?


Laura said…
Good post. I've bought quite a few mags recently including Pop, Love and Vogue UK. Though I'm kind of going off Vogue, as it's abit old by the time it gets to the shelf.
.:*aMbAr*:. said…
I actually have blogged about this myself ( and got some really interesting feedback.

This year, however, I did buy Vogue's September issue, and it's so heavy I might as well include it on my workout routine, LOL. But I see your point, I'm only subscribed to Glamour and Fitness and I rarely buy others anymore b/c of my budget.
Ca said…
I love Vogue and Mademoiselle. I hope to go to one of Vogue's parties this fall.

Cher :)
Jess K. said…
I usually go on vaca in late August. I try to get all the Sept. issues possible and work the cost into my vacation budget. Good excuse to have a stack of Sept. next to me on the beach & for the transition into sept.

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