New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Diane von Furstenberg
What it made us think of: Summer. The bold prints in bright colors screamed sunshine and tropical fruit.
What we liked: DVF always has some fabulous prints and flowing dresses
What we didn't: Many of the dresses lacked the figure-friendliness DVF is known for and the mismatched rainbow bracelets got annoying quickly.
Who: Thakoon
What we liked: The shoes and pants rocked!
What we didn't: The dresses (in this dress heavy collection) were just OK.
Who: Carolina Herrara
What it made us think of: Woven detail, from woven belts to basket weave like overlays to prints that looked like they had been woven. (A specific kind of basket weaving was the inspiration for the show.
What we liked: The clothing was colorful and the shapes more youthful than usual.
What we didn't: There wasn't anything that really bothered me, but nothing about the show will really have me remembering it.
Who: Chris Benz
What it made us think of: The mix of utilitarian and girly pieces.
What we liked: The clothes were adorable and the pants were fabulous
What we didn't: Some things felt a little bulky and the show seemed all over the place with a super girly look on one model and a simple, sporty look on another.


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