New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Ralph Lauren
What it made us think of: Dustbowl farms
What we liked: Denim fitted blazers, suits, knickers, white chiffon
What we didn't: Overalls, distressed boyfriend jeans
Who: Naeem Khan
What it made us think of: Turn of the century Turkey gone twee
What we liked: The pink looks, the purple looks, sparkles, bubble skirts
What we didn't: Since this show doesn't have detail shots, we can't tell if the black suiting is printed or embroidered (but we don't like it either way).
Who: L'Wren Scott
What it made us think of: A beautiful woman in Det. Emerson Cod's office, hoping he can find her dear lost sister.
What we liked: Retro cuts, a sequin cardigans, huge neck ruffles, white suits, feathers, raspberry, hats, jackets...everything
What we didn't: Are you kidding? This show is so perfect, I nearly cried.
Who: Oscar de la Renta
What it made us think of: Egypt, safaris, church picnics in Oklahoma
What we liked: Lace, marine blue, fab belts, orange and olive, coats, the bags
What we didn't: That some people consider OdlR a stuffy brand for older women, when it's clearly classics for every woman.
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kylsie said…
Maybe it's because the model looks vaguely similar, but I could picture most of the De La Renta looks on Natalie Portman. The antithesis of stuffy and matronly.
Anonymous said…
I wish people attending church picnics here in Oklahoma looked this chic!

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