FMF Reader Poll: Underneath It All

Let's be honest, if your bra doesn't fit and your panties ride up, the day will be an unpleasant one. Not only will your personal comfort suffer, but your outfit will suffer from VPL (visible panty line) and falling bra straps or visibly ill-fitting cups. However, good fit usually comes at a price. How much will you pay for a good fitting bra or panties? And tell us in the comments what your biggest splurge or best deal on underpinnings has been.


Rachel said…
Underwear is definitely an investment for me. I am currently shopping for panties and it is SO difficult to find exactly what I want. I still don't spend a ton of money, but more than I would on other clothing items.
Jael Paris said…
I have a booty, and wedgies ruin my day! I splurge on underwear, but since I buy it at TJ Maxx, it's really not much. I love CK, Natori and Marylin Monroe Intimates.
Anonymous said…
For me, it's about 2 things: they must be cotton and they must fit perfectly. I have found GAP Body underwear and Calvin Klein petite fit bras to be godsends. I'd consider them middle range in terms of price.
Rachel said…
I bought undies today! Victoria's Secret has cotton panties on clearance 4/$10. They're gorgeous, feminine fabrics. I thought I'd share my joy :)

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