FMF Reader Poll: Grocery Store Attire

My favorite place to wear experimental outfits is the grocery store. Attire at most grocery stores ranges from the suits worn by business people stopping in on their way home from work to the pj's clinging to the college students who just realized they are out of Easy Mac.

The grocery stores also seems like the best place for strangers to strike up a conversation with you. A nice dress doesn't get much of a reaction at the mall, but at the grocery store people ask where I'm going. An odd color or pattern combination will just get me the "yuck" face from passersby on the street, but in the grocery store I can count on a little old lady telling me I don't match (and could I reach that soup on the top shelf). If I have the opportunity, grocery shopping has become a dress up event and a fun place to experiment. Plus, you never know who you'll meet in Aisle 5. What do you wear to grocery store?


Like you, i try to use the grocery as a trial area. It's where i try out new looks. in case my ensemble looks weird, i can always expect to see people dressed weirder than me.
Antonia Rosina said…
I like to get doozied up when I go grocery shopping. Around 4:30, our local Whole Foods is the place to check out and to get checked out. It's actually quite funny and my g/fs and I sometimes sit in the cafe and watch everyone sizing each other up. Lol. The grocery store is also the perfect place to wear in new heels, a la How to Walk in High Heels by Camilla Morton. Just use your cart as a prop and walk those babies in. OK, so I don't always dress up...sometimes I skulk over to the aging, soon-to-be-closed Safeway in my flats, an old pilled sweater and a huge pair of shades. Great post, even greater blog!
Jael Paris said…
The grocery store is my 50s housewife time. The ladies at the deli think I'm the best thing ever.

I wear my experiments to my weekend job. Nothing is more amusing than teenagers telling me that my outfit is all wrong but that they love me anyway.
Jael Paris said…
Rosina, you're so right about breaking in new shoes at the store.
Vicki said…
If I'm doing more than just running in and out, I make sure my hair is done and I'm wearing a nice top. I know it's strange, but living in a military community, I don't want to be perceived as one of those dumpy women who let themselves go when their husbands are away. I put on makeup, I make sure I look cute, and I carry myself with confidence. It sets me apart from the oversized t-shirts and sweat pants with Juicy written on the ass.

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