Save or Splurge: Worst Splurge

A few weeks ago, I asked about your best splurge--that item you spent a ton of money on and never regretted buying. But have you ever splurged and regretted it?

I've never made a major purchase that I regretted, but there are a few items I didn't get my money out of. I swear by Dior makeup, but the Dior mascara I purchased was easily upstaged by some much cheaper ($21 cheaper) L'Oréal mascara. That $28 Dior splurge turned out to be a bit of waste.

Have you ever made a bad splurge, large or small?

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kylsie said…
I bought this shapeless, sad grey-blue zip up hoodie from Esprit when I was in early high school. It was 90 Deutsche marks (about 45 bucks), but to someone on an allowance it was a fortune at the time. It looked horrible on me, wore it a handful of times out of guilt and then it hunched in my closet for years before I gave it away.
Jael Paris said…
I (or rather my parents) bought a leather backpack my junior year of high school. It was about $75, and I planned to carry it all through college. But by the end of my Freshman year, I discovered all the chest pains I'd been having that the doctor's couldn't figure out was muscle strain from carrying my books on my back. I gotten three years of use from the bag, but that's negated by hospital bills and fear for my health.
Anonymous said…
A pair of glitter Christian Louboutin shoes for like $900. Still have NOT worn them. Seems like a waste for sure! They are so pretty but they don't go with anything I have.... a bit too diva for my lifestyle!

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