Save or Splurge: Your Best Splurge

Every week I ask you whether you would save or splurge on one thing or another. This got be thinking about my best splurge. My splurges have been few and far between the last few years, but there is one I'm really glad I made.

I bought a Jessica Simpson Saucer Button Wool Blend coat (pictured) at Macy's the winter before last. I paid a bit less than the $200 price tag (which I believe was a sale price to begin with) since I worked at Macy's at the time, but it was a huge purchase for me (working at Macy's, I wasn't quite making the big bucks). It was also one of the best purchases I've ever made. Now only is it warm and well made (it still looks new after much wear), but it also still looks just as stylish as the day I bought it because it's the perfect style for me (bell sleeve, skirted, big buttons)! I see many more winters to come with this coat, which means it cost me much less than buying a cheap coat every year.

What and how much was your best splurge?

In case you love this coat as much as I do, Nordstrom still has it listed on their website. It's unavailable right now, but the fact that it's listed suggests it could be back this winter.


FaithJ said…
My best splurges have been jewelry. Bags and shoes wear out, but quality jewelry will hold up for generations. I have bought a Deka Ray Deathstar Debris necklace and Tiffanys sterling silver bead earrings, but the most expensive has been the Tiffanys carved heart necklace in onyx, for $250. It is simple, beautiful, and I can wear it often.
kylsie said…
Definitely the Frye Adriennes.
BekkaPoo said…
I bought some Aldo red leather ankle high platform boots back in 1996/97 or so, for $110.. and I still have them today more than a decade later. They're in almost mint condition. I'd say they definitely paid for themselves in compliments and in durability.
I love that coat! Has such a early 60's feel to it! My biggest splurges have been my shoes and handbags, and my biggest splurge coming up will be my very own pair of bespoke shoes, which will definitely be well made and well worth the money, plus they'll be made to my specs, it doesn't get much better than that!


Iva Messy said…
I love that coat!!
LyddieGal said…
I so rarely splurge on one item, always rationalizing that I can wait and hope I can get it on sale or find something similar and cheaper; but last November I got a pair of black leather knee high boots for $120. They are so beautiful, I wore them all winter and I know I will have them for many winters to come.
rachel said…
I bought a wool coat in 9th grade (well, my mom did, I didn't have that kind of money at 14) from Sears before they stopped selling higher quality things, which was my primary winter coat in college, and I still wear. Though the elbows now are finally beginning to show some wear. I've been looking for the last couple years and have yet to find something that fits quite as nicely.
Rachel said…
My basic black leather boots. They were "only" $70 when I bought them on clearance, but that's quite a splurge for me. I wear them in the cooler months all the time!
Tasha said…
Coats are always a good thing to splurge on, worn so often it makes it worth it. My most frequent splurge item would have to be footwear- namely boots as you can't get good quality ones that cheaply and again something I wear a lot, so makes splurging less of a guilt trip.
Unknown said…
My Clarks walking sandals. They paid for themselves in Toronto, and will do so again in Philly. Friday night, I wore heels to the bar, and Saturday morning my feet were swollen and angry. When I put on my sandals, the pain in my feet disappeared. I LOVE them. I believe they are the un.piper style. Retail is something like $90, I got them for $45 at an outlet (plus military discount). I'd have paid the full sticker price if I had known how great they were going to be for my feet, though I did buy them with my long-walkin' summer in mind.

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