Save or Splurge: Weekend Bag

I love taking off for the weekend to visit friends or just get a way for a few days. Of course, this means packing for a quick trip. A good weekend bag can hold all the stuff you need for that short getaway, and, of course, look cute doing it. Weekend bags are pretty easy to come by, and can often be found on clearance. But the quality of these cheaper bags is pretty low.

Jael Paris found this leather weekend bag for $295 (pictured). It's cute, durable and should hold all the essentials. If you travel a lot, having a bag that will last could be worth the investment. After all, nothing spoils a trip like having a strap or zipper on your luggage break.

I'm all for quality luggage, but I don't know if I would splurge this much. Although, it's not a bad price for all that pretty leather. What about you? Save or splurge?

P.S. The bag comes in orange too.


It's a very pretty bag, I think if you travel a lot, you might as well have something that you love and will last a long time, I think it's worth the investment.


Anonymous said…
I usually spend between $200-$500 on weekend bags.
WickedThrifty said…
oh, my, that is gorgeous. i would never spend that much, though :)

i got mine free from victoria's secret for spending way too much money at one time, years and years ago. it came in a set- black pleather with pink lining. love them!

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