Rethinking Bebe

Due to various collections in the 90s, I always associated Bebe with club girls, and thus, not being a club girl in need of hot pants or barely there halters, avoided the store. The past few seasons, I've come across some nice pieces in their store, but nothing compares to what I just saw in their fall preview. Behold! mutton sleeve jackets and a bustled mini. The Edwardian era is back and it's gonna sex you up good and proper. All I want to know is when these clothes are coming out and how much I'll have to save up.


MicroImp said…
I <3 the second picture! I want that whole outfit lol!
Tasha said…
Oh wow! Statement clothing..wonder if they'll ship to the UK..
rachel said…
So nice!! Makes me want to sew something.
FaithJ said…
Yes, I love Bebe clothes too. Just an occasional piece here and there, I love their bomber and safari jackets.
becca said…
This stuff is stunning. I hope these clothes don't run as short as most Bebe clothing does.

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