Project Runway: Episode Two: Maternity

Episode two of Project Runway experienced a baby boom. Heidi asked to designers to create a look for Rebecca Romijn who was pregnant with twins. This meant the models had to wear baby bumps and the designer had to dress that tummy. Designer Monique Lhuillier filled in for an absent Micheal Kors, which made me sad at first, but it worked out since all of the judges had experience with maternity clothing having all been pregnant. Also fitting, the top three looks were all made by women.

Louise must know a lot of women who have been pregnant because her lingerie inspired dress was focused on being both cute and accommodating for pregnant women. The tiered layers at the bottom allowed for a growing tummy while the pleating on the bust allowed for extra room as the pregnancy advanced. Rebecca even said she'd wear it on a date with her husband, which elicited a whistle from Heidi.
Althea had the same intentions as Ra'mon (see below) in creating something structured for a pregnant woman, but she kept the structure above the tummy and let the rest drape in lovely (and comfortable!) jersey. While the bust needed more coverage (something Althea had intended but not quite executed) the dress impressed the judges, especially with the beautifully slimming back.
Shirin's look had comfort, beauty and structure with the lovely detail under the bust and the addition of a great coat with a cute print lining. The judges called it the most wearable look. Shirin has immunity for next week.
Ra'mon's cocktail dress is a classic example of "the road to hell is paved with good intention." He intended to create an edgy, structured color-block maternity dress. However, he was headed to fashion hell in a purple and grey bowling ball bag, which is what this dress reminded the judges of. Luckily for Ra'mon the judges seem to value good intentions this season so he was safe. (I'm glad, his dress last week was so lovely).
Mitchell was back in the bottom two again with a pair of bad baggy shorts, a too tight tank top and a slightly sad sweater. The judges said he had the right idea but the wrong execution. Heidi called it a "pregnant mess." This is the second time Mitchell has failed to get his idea to walk down the runway. Unlike last week, this week's look lacked imagination. Anyone could have come up with that design. I was ready to say goodbye to Mitchell this week, regardless of how weird Melvin's look was.
Melvin's mother hen look was out this week meaning Project Runway has kicked off both weirdo designers at the beginning of the season. (Don't they usually keep one around for a few week). Melvin's rather literal fertility look of a mother hen cradling her egg was not wearable or attractive at all. However, it had some beautiful elements the black feathers he created along the top. Nina called it bizarre, but Melvin accomplished his vision unlike Mitchell. Actually, he had a vision unlike Mitchell. While Melvin wasn't the most entertaining personality for a weird designer, I would have liked to see him go at least a week longer than Mitchell.
What do you think of the outcome? Did the judges pick the right winner and kick the right designer out?

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kylsie said…
I am very over Mitchell. I thought he should have gone home last week. His outfit was kind of cute, but I'm getting a bit tired of his excuses. I wasn't very impressed with his goal of just getting by, not winning, this challenge.
.:*aMbAr*:. said…
I want that 1st dress, and I'm not even pregnant!!! Same thing with the 2nd one. I liked Mitchell's outfit but not for a pregnant lady, and definitely wouldn't pay more than $60 bucks for the whole thing, it just looks TOO casual.
Rachel said…
Ack! Must watch (somehow)! The third is definitely my favorite- I would love to have that dress. The last one is hideous... I thought it was a baby sling at first. I think the judges chose well. Buying maternity is tricky- I like how most of these looks are somewhat form-fitting... so much of maternity is tent-like :(
Kschenke said…
I know they had to walk a runway, but was anyone else thinking the models were bobbing too much for fake pregnant women?
Jael Paris said…
Shoudln't they have to wear fake pregnant boobs too? It's not like you can stay an a-cup while brewing a baby.
becca said…
Jael, I thought the same thing while I was watching it. I envisioned the baby belly from 10 Things I Hate About You.
Jael Paris said…
Designing office clothes for double ds would be a great challenge. Fashion forgets breasts, and large chested women have a hard time dressing for work. Listen to me, Project Runway!
Rachel said…
Jael- Yes, fake boobs definitely should have been added.

Also, fashion (that you can buy in stores) forgets small-chested women too. It is SO hard to find clothes that are fitted correctly, especially button-down shirts and sweaters, for a small bust.
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