Love or Loathe: Kitschy Sunglasses

Heart shaped sunglasses are perfect for a quirky girl like Zooey Deschanel or an obnoxious personoid like Katy Perry, but are they something you'd wear? Would you wear them everyday? Or do they remind you too much of being five-years-old in jelly sandals to even attempt such a kitschy look?


Rachel said…
I don't wear them, but my sisters in law do and look ADORABLE.
queengilda said…
hey. my friend, kerin, made those glasses that katy perry is wearing. lol. i look retarded in them but i love them.
AshLeeTa said…
um hello I hate that no one knows what those glasses reference
go read the book lolita it came out in 1955
then go watch both movies 1962 and 1997 versions
and hell yes I wear them ALLL the time
Jael Paris said…
Lolita references are a reason for me to avoid something.

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