Ikat Print Dresses

Ikat is a type of weaving that is made to resist dye. It's distinct in that you'll usually see some of the natural color of the fabric. While this process is done all over the world, it is most popular in Central and South America. This trend has been around for a few months now, but I've been ignoring it. It's not really my thing. But last week I saw a woman in an Ikat dress with simple sandals, gold jewelry and sunglasses, and thought she was the perfect picture of summer.Top: faux two-piece belted dress, Arden B $78
black v-neck with green trim, Macy's $79
teal and purple strapless dress, Nicole Miller $76.50 (Down from $255!)
black and white Ikat maxi dress, Forever 21 $24.80
Bottom: maxi tube dress, Charlotte Russe $32.99
mini shift, Walter at Dillard's $268
blue sundress, Forever 21 $22.80

Check out the gallery below for examples of styling Ikat prints.
View 'Ikat Prints' on Polyvore


karena sedgwick said…
If we have a summer, I will be casually displaying one of these fine creations!
WickedThrifty said…
i really thought i was crazy for never having heard of this and then seeing it EVERYWHERE but now i get it... it's a trend! heh.

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