$150 Challenge: Lazy Saturday

I've spent the last two rainy Saturdays curled on the couch reading (currently Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and a few fashion books you'll soon be reading about). Other key elements to a lazy Saturday are comfy clothes you can answer the door in if need be (and a hat to hide your hair), warm socks, coffee, a soft pillow, and a complete ignorance of all the cleaning you should be doing. This relaxed look ($101.68) is inspired by the idea of just throwing on my husband's clothes in lieu of thinking up my own outfit. What book would you add to the mix?
shirt dress, Forever 21 $19.90
wide belt, Newport News $29
slouchy boots, Charlotte Russe $22.99
knee socks, Charlotte Russe $6.99
ribbed beanie, Topshop $16
long bead necklace, Forever 21 $6.80


I really loved The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets by Eva Rice.

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