Save or Splurge: Nylons

Reader Rachel suggested this week's Save or Splurge. She wants to know if you ladies who wear nylons to work save or splurge on them? Since she is tall she has to splurge for nylons to fit her long legs, even though she would rather buy the cheap ones so she wouldn't have to be so worried about runs or snags.

I had to wear nylons in junior high and high school because of a ridiculous school dress code. I bought the bargain basement nylons since I put a run in every pair instantly. (They were basically disposable.) However, now that I have a collection of nice tights, I might be tempted to send a little more on nylons (should I ever be required to wear them again) in hopes that they'd hold up longer and wear a little better. I'm not sure, though.

Do you save or splurge on your nylons? Do the more expensive ones really hold up better?

Pictured: Hue Sheer No-Waistband Hose $8


JoeL Lee said…
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Jael Paris said…
I have one pair of silk stockings, and they are amazing! More comfy than nylons and I haven't snagged them either.
Liv said…
I save. I can get pairs for 1 dollar and they usually last me a couple of wears, which is good enough.

I work in a shoe store so I run around barefoot in the stockroom a lot, resulting in lots of rips. No point to spend good money on a nice pair then.
Jess K. said…
i'm a spanx girl - despite their price, they never fail me.
WickedThrifty said…
i do both- splurge on designer hose but save by buying it at the bargain shops. i usually find some awesome donna karan or givenchy hose for $7-10, less than half of retail... and they do last better than drugstore brands. the donna karan in particular have such an amazing tummy panel that i wish i could wear them year-round under everything!
Tasha said…
You call them nylons? The're called tights in the UK. I save and usually get them in a department store called M&S for next to 5 pairs for £2.50! Total bargain :)
rachel said…
I absolutely hate wearing nylons, but it's too hot here for tights, and absolutely too hot for pants. Why oh why are such cruel dress codes out there?
Selina said…
Nylons, tights - names are a funny thing! We call them pantyhose here in New Zealand. And I never wear them! In winter I'll wear opaque tights but in summer it's bare legs all the way. I generally get the cheaper opaques when I buy them, the joy of opaques is that they don't snag as easily.

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