Save or Splurge: Halter Tops

A halter top is one of those items that seems to listed as a "don't wear" in most dress codes. However, it is also a summer staple in many wardrobes. I'm assuming the reasons the halter is banned in many schools and workplaces are the open back, bare shoulders and assumed deep v neckline. I find this unfair to the halter. I only own one halter top and it comes all the way up to my neck. It also looks quite cute with cardigans. If my workplace banned them, I'm sure they would never noticed I had layered a halter top under other clothing.

Still, of all the summer shirts out there, the dress code ban on halter tops makes them a little less versatile than most. I've also had a hard time finding halter tops I would dare wear outside of the context of a casual summer day (but maybe that's just me). For me, this makes halter tops a save. I'd rather spurge on a nice sleeveless top that I can layer under suit coats and sweaters come winter.

Do you save or splurge on halter tops?

Pictured: Placed Floral Halter, White House Black Market, $68. (Maybe I take it all back. I love this halter. I would almost spend that much on it.)


WickedThrifty said…
i can't wear halter tops! i don't think i can, anyway... i think my neck would probably break from the weight of holding the girls up ;)
(not to mention the bra issue- do you need a convertible??)

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