Project Design: Flowing Cotton Dresses

Since Project Runway decided to take a week off, here is a collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway. This week's challenge was to create a flowing cotton-y dress that would make it into your wardrobe. Rate the runway by voting for your favorite designer. (Note: The designers comments are taken from their Etsy site descriptions.)

Super Soft Heather Blue Knit Dress by reddoll

What the designer has to say:
I Love this little creation! It's so very pretty. Made from heather blue double knit material which is super soft and comes with a heather sash. You can wear it with or without the sash. Cute either way.

Chameleon Dress II by isadoraclothing

What the designer has to say:
The Chameleon Dress II is the SECOND most versatile dress you will ever own- after the Chameleon I! Like the original Chameleon dress, this dress can be worn in multiple different ways depending on how you wrap twist and tie it. The dress starts out backless with two long branches of fabric at the front. By manipulating the branches you can achieve multiple sleeve variations as well as a variety of looks at the waist. The dress can even be worn as a skirt.

Kolme dress by tiinateaspoon

What the designer has to say:
Wear the Kolme dress for a special evening out or splatter it with mud at the Glastonbury festival, you'll look amazing either way!
The Kolme dress is part of my graduate collection from London College of Fashion. It's entirely handmade by myself from scratch including the design, pattern making, dyeing with natural dyes and sewing.

Perfect for February Blue Dress by fabricfun

What the designer has to say:
I wanted to make a dress that would be the perfect antidote for fighting the winter blahs, so I threw in some long sleeves and some thicker fabric. I figured doing something in light-blue would be good too! So here it is....hope you like it.

iyanla dress by flytie

What the designer has to say:
handkerchief style dress with elbow-length sleeves; v-neck in front and back; bodice (top) backed in matching fabric; 3 inch band at center; long belt at side ties around waist; polyester/cotton blend fabric in deep mustard yellow.


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oh wow! thanks for the love! :-D it's much appreciated. :-D

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