Save or Splurge: Sundresses

I love a light, breezy sundress on a warm, sunny afternoon. The airy fabric, the bright colors, the pretty prints and the relaxed all seem perfect for warm, summer days.

As much as I enjoy wearing sundresses, I prefer not to pay much for such a simple, casual item. Especially when they can be found at such good prices. I will, however, spend a little extra if I have to for cotton, linen or silk over a synthetic fabric since synthetics can be very hot and sticky in the summer.

Do you save or splurge on sundresses?

Pictured: Daffodil Sundress, Target $19.99


jennifer said…
definitely save
Jael Paris said…
I'll splurge some if it's a stunning print or a full skirt. Whenever I buy a sundress, I imagine it with cardigans for fall and spring and boots for winter. If I can see four seasons of use, I'll pay more.
Jess K. said…
TJMaxx seemed to have a decent selection when I went in today. However, I just realized I'm going to have to invest in a strapless bra for the upcoming you recommend one for wearing under sundresses. I'm the type of girl who can't go without a bra - EVER.
Jael Paris said…
My favorite summer bra was discontinued, but I'll look for some and let you know.
Anonymous said…
If it's Ella Moss Yes... some cha cha dress no.

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