Save or Splurge: Body Wash

Body wash, or even soap, is quite easy to find for a good price. Many decent body washes can be purchased for just a few dollars. And really, I've never seen a body wash over $25. Although, I can't really imagine paying $25 for body wash.

I'm a bar of Dial soap girl myself so I clearly go the cheapest route with this product. I know there is something to be said for conditioning your skin (but I just lotion after the shower). I also understand the needs of sensitive skin, and a gentle body wash can cost a little more than my cheap bar of soap.

I do understand spending a little extra for glowing skin, but breaking the $10 mark is just too much for me. Do you save or splurge on your body wash?

Pictured: Clean On Me Shower Gel, Soap & Glory, Target $9.99


Jael Paris said…
I found some $79 wash at Sephora. Literal money down the drain.
Fashionista said…
I love the ulta brand of body wash..It comes in all kinds of yummy they have matching lotions and body sprays..and the good thing is there usually a sale like 3 for $15.00 or buy one get one free..Thats good fo me..xoxoMish
Souma said…
palmolive shower cream (or shower lotion, cant remember) its moisturizing shower gel, comes in a good assortment of scents and less than 10$.... in Saudi Arabia, at least...
Drea said…
I use liquid dial. My boyfriend and I like getting tattoos and you can't use bar soap or body wash on fresh ink. I like the clean and fresh smell of it too. We use cocoa butter for moisture.
MissBliss said…
splurge, at least a little, my tendency....certainly not 79, though!!!

I have tried the brand you feature here from target and don't like it... I guess I go for stuff from the Whole Foods product aisle... Aura Cacia, etc.

I love the stuff with essential oils, stuff from Lush, there are so many yummy ones out there, and Target doesn't ever seem to settle my gel/wash loves...(except maybe the so good you wan to eat it vanilla one...) even a $15 spa mint get from a spa can do wonders!!! and scrubs, wow, love, love, love the bamboo scrub from Desert Essence.
Rachel said…
Meh. Soap's soap. I like the fancy stuff but not enough to hand over money for it.

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