Reader Poll: Slip or No Slip

Welcome to the FMF weekly reader poll. We're hoping to get to know a little more about you, our beloved readers, and have a little fun with fashion questions. This week, we want to know your thoughts on slips. Obviously, Marilyn here wouldn't have created this famous scene by wearing a slip, but most of us aren't Marilyn Monroe. I love slips (Seven-year-old me would be applauded. She screamed her hate for slips and tried to get away with not having to wear them to school). A straight slip can save your from exposing your panties should a surprise gust of wind attack a flouncy skirt. Slips also help hide visable panty line under tight skirts. In general slips smooth things out and make clothing hang better. Are you a slip or no slip kind of girl?


Rachel said…
I need to buy one of those short half slips (does that make it a quarter slip?); I only have a longish one which is pretty useless. I saw them at Target!
Jael Paris said…
I really love slips as summer jammies.

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