Project Design: Think Pink

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

Due to a pink rebellion in high school, there is still very little of the quintessential girl color in my wardrobe. I do look good in pink though, and the color is starting to grow on me again. Which items have you thinking pink?

Newspaper Patch Petticoat skirt by malam

Pleated Neckline Top by Lirola

gaillarde eyelet dress by Makool

pink & white stripe strapless dress by cristinapires

Think Pink Dress by CallMeCaptain

The perfect pink dress by econica


Iva Messy said…
those dresses are so cute!
kylsie said…
I never wear pink, yet I was going down this list saying, "That one. No, that one! Oh, wait.."
Drea said…
love the newspaper patch skirt!
Princess said…
Wow I love the pink striped dress - its perfect for a nice sunny day in NYC walking in the city with an iced Starbucks in hand...mmm I miss summer and cannot wait for it to be here - come see my TOP 3 CANDY COLORS for Spring 2011 - Pink is one of them :D

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