FMF Dos and Don'ts

The Thrifty Stylist tagged us to share our personal dos and don'ts (or always and nevers). Share your own in the comments section, and you're a blogger who's already posted such a list, link it here.


Wear a skirt. Pants are great, but a skirt is just as comfortable but with added sass and femininity. Dresses are even easier to wear and turn more heads.

Invest in shoes. We refuse to put up with the blisters caused by plastic shoes or the aches caused by poorly balanced heels. We find leather shoes from good brands and stalk them until they go on sale.

Try it on before you buy. Just because you think you're an 8 and the label says 8, doesn't mean the garment is sized correctly. It may really be a size 10 or 6. Tents and sausage casings are not the best looks. Let's not even talk about the poor cutting that leads to squished breasts and baggy hips in the same dress.

Prepare your skin. If we wear nothing else on our faces that day, we will put on eye and face cream with a low spf. You can't fight winkles and age spots once they're there, so start early.

Wear color. Some colors make your skin glow. Others make an outfit pop. Even if it's just our jewelry, we rarely step outside without a color.

Play. Clothes are made for fun. We'll layer and mix patterns until everything is perfectly funky.

Apologize. We love all sorts of untrendy stuff. We wear outfits that garner stares. We are who we are, so there.

Buy a trend you're not enamored with. If boho is just okay, chances are you won't wear that peasant blouse again five months from now. Only buy a trend if it's something you were excited about before Rihanna started wearing it.

Become a slave to labels. Juicy on the butt? Double C earrings? Bags that scream "Coach. Coach. Coach."? No, thank you.

Tan. Since neither of us is naturally tan, we avoid the sun. If we're vacationing somewhere tropical, we pack spf 90. Lobster is not a good look.

Wear ankle length skirts. We went to private schools. We had dress codes. We're scarred.



i have to disagree on the second-to-last "never"- ankle length skirts can be comfortable, laid back, even sexy, when done right.
Jael Paris said…
I don't care if anyone else wears them. I just refuse to. They bring back flash backs of bumbling in the halls, being shy around boys, and acne.
FaithJ said…
Ha ha ha...I agree on NEVER wearing Crocs! Or Uggs. Footwear should be elegant, not clunky.

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