Antique Corsets

Ever since I came across the replica of Satine's dress, I've been watching Moulin Rouge videos on You Tube and making sets in Polyvore based on Edwardian underwear. This most likely will continue until I find the time to do a full post about all the clothes in the movie and my deep love for them.

In light of this obession, I'm forgoing our usual vintage shop of the week for two websites on vintage under pinnings. The Antique Corset Gallery contains detailed photographs and descriptions of corsets spanning the Victorian era to the 1920s. Because of this website, I now know the different between a corset and a corsetwaist. If you are into costumes and sewing, you must check it out. Antique Corset features images from a museum show called "Unmentionables" and runs the complete gamet of the history of underwear.


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