Wedding Dress of the Week

I've been lost searching Etsy for no less than two hours looking for the perfect handmade wedding dress to write about. Of course, Etsy is full of them, but I settled on this one purely for the name -- "Moulin Rouge". This gown is modeled after the one Satine wears while she and the penniless writer sing "Elephant Love Meledy" which is really so much prettier than that title. (Now I've spent about 20 minutes watching that video over and over.)

What can I say? I'm a sucker for corsets, lacing and a bustle. Deconstructress makes this sexy yet classy gown in red with black accents or white with silver or pink accents. It's custom sized, so the price of $699 includes what you normally pay for hems and tucks.Which movie dress would you most like to wear?


rachel said…
WANT! That dress is beyond delicious.

And now I also want to watch Moulin Rogue.
WickedThrifty said…
oh this is gorgeous. i haven't seen moulin rouge myself but i'm looking for a handmade wedding dress on etsy in pink or purple... a little thriftier though ;) something victorian... love corsets, also. give a shout out if you come across anything!
Single Lady said…
This is beautiful. One of my childhood friends said he would pay for my wedding dress as a wedding gift when I got married (I love the way he assumes that's so easy to accomplish!). If my boyfriend ever gets round to it, I'm going to ask for this one. I loooove Moulin Rouge. I'd much rather have this than the Carrie Bradshaw affair even though I love SATC.
Mass DJ said…
I love that gorgeous dresses!

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