Um... Bottle Opener and Shoe Unite...?

I don't know about you, but when I'm at party and someone hands me a cold beverage that doesn't have a screw top, I always wish I could somehow bring a bottle opener everywhere to avoid the stress of not being able to, well, open a bottle. Guess what? Yep, it's Hot Topic to the rescue with these bottle opening shoes.

Am I missing something? Why do these shoes exist? Hot Topic is touting them as the "perfect party shoe." What kinds of parties does Hot Topic attend?

First of all, these don't look like a perfect party shoe to me. They look boring and plastic-y. Second, I've never been to a party serving beverages that required a bottle opener where no one had one. There are plenty of key chains, pocket knives and random household items to solve bottle opening problems. Third, how does one gracefully lean back to crack a bottle open on what looks to be a wobbly, 4-inch, plastic heel? Fourth, how does one not spill the entire beverage while doing this? Are they suggesting I raise my leg up high, while wearing a party dress, to allow someone else to open a bottle with my shoe? This seems very unladylike.

I know Hot Topic likes to go for novelty items with a little shock value, but these just seem like a sprained ankle and a torn pair of tights waiting to happen. If for some reason you want them (please don't want them), they cost $39.99.

Can anyone figure out why these exist or what the thought process might have been in creating them?


Kyrie said…

and this one:
Jael Paris said…
I could see it as an odd aesthetic like zippers that don't zip, but trying to market it as functional?
Drea said…
my boyfriend has a bottle opener in his belt buckle. Comes in handy.

I think the shoes are mostly a novelty item. They're funny.

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