Summer Straw Bags

Is anything more summery than a straw bag? In April, I switch from my leather winter bag to a straw sage bag with large flowers. (Then the temperature drops back down to 30, we have freezing rain, and I defiantly shake my purse at Mother Nature.) A straw bag makes my outfits feel lighter and more casual for the season. Prepare for a lazy summer with the following bags:
Top: blue shell tote, Felix Rey for Target $49.99
green cornhusk tote, Nordstrom $68
cut-out tote, Avon $25
Bottom: black bag with white trim, Spiegel $34
red nautical bow bucket bag, Newport News $34
Top: pink flower tote, Nordstrom $88
chevron bag, Bamboo 54 on $39.99
floral bag, J. Crew $68
Bottom: foldover bag with gingham bow, Straw Studios on $25
hard clam shell buckle purse, SR Squared on Endless $115
navy stripe wood handled bag, Straw Studios on $42


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