Save or Splurge: Free Gift with Purchase

Comedienne Rita Rudner has a bit in one of her comedy routines about the "free gift." You know, the one you can almost always get at the makeup counter. She jokes that women "buy something we don't want to get something we don't need in a tote bag we won't use."

I'm not usually tempted by a free gift unless I'm already buying something and I'm spending almost enough money to get it. If it's time for me to buy more Dior makeup and I'm one lip gloss away from a free makeup bag full of samples, then I typically remember that I need some lip gloss.

However, I've had several salespeople suggest I've "almost" spent enough money when I'm still about $50 or several products away from getting the gift. Yes, makeup bags full of cute, tiny, travel/trial sized items are awesome, but I'm not spending a ton of money on stuff I don't want to get them. I'll spend a little extra (especially at the Dior counter or if it includes a product I've been wanting to try) to snag the free gift, but I won't be enticed to splurge just for some fancified samples.

What's the most you would spend to snag a free gift? Or do you even care about the free gift?


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