More Vintage Bathing Suits!

If you have been reading Fashion Me Fabulous for a while, you know that we firmly dismiss bathing suit trends and stick by our love of vintage-inspired swim wear. Hayden-Harnett currently has two retro look suits in stock. The first is this fabulous high-waisted ruffle bikini. It's $88 for the top and $98 for the bottom (eep!). It makes me think of the pinups painted on bombers, but I'm not sure that without a flat stomach can pull it off. This one-piece is also adorable with its perfume and jewelry print. I won't even post the price though. Yikes!


tractordog said…
ughhh I MUST get one of these...or something like it for less ;)
Anonymous said…
I love those suits, but they really don't do anything for the girls modeling them. Suits like these would look fantastic on curvy women - not so much on androgynous waifs like these models!
Unknown said…
Wow. I love this bikini. I don't know if I can justify spending that much on a swimsuit though. That's quite a bit.

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