Love or Loathe: Garage Sales

I have a friend who is the most impressive wheeler dealer I've met aside from my father. She knows more about jewelry than dealers twice her age, and chances are good she's been doing it just as long as they have.

Garage sales are her element. She can sniff out a good buy and walk away with it at half price. Me, I can't see through all the hand towels and stuffed animals to uncover the vintage lace gloves and antique bracelets. Of course, I'm not getting up at five in the morning to bargain with the best of them either.

Do you love to haggle for deals or are garage sales a sleepy event for you?


kylsie said…
I heart garage sales.

More for interior decorating purposes than for scoring clothes and jewelry. But either way, I'm always pumped to go junking!
becca said…
If I can get myself out of bed, I'm in my element at garage sales. I usually attack them with a list of types of items I'm looking for (jewelry, kitchen gadgets, storage solutions).

I also limit my money. This makes me better and getting the price low because I have limited cash to work with.
Rachel said…
LOVE! I don't often shop for clothing at garage sales though.
Kyrie said…
i have found some of my more amazing purchases at garage sales, and thrift stores as well. i buy mostly vintage costume jewelery, books, and other nick-knacks. my best to date is a 1915 typewriter in nearly perfect condition for $2 ( same as this one).

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