FMF Reader Poll: Summer Skin

Welcome to the new FMF weekly reader poll. We're hoping to get to know a little more about you, our beloved readers, and have a little fun with fashion questions. This week the sun is shining bright here in Chicagoland. If it's anything like that where you are, no doubt you want to be outside soaking up the sun. What kind of summer skin do you have? Are you a bronze beauty or a sunscreen queen?


Jael Paris said…
For some reason, my upper body will tan but my lower body stays white.
Anonymous said…
Thanks to genetics, I'm all tan all year.

what does it mean that this was not one of the options? ;-/
Vicki said…
Wow. Pale is surprisingly popular among FMF readers! Hooray skin health!
becca said…

I can't believe I forgot that option. My mother is actually tan all year (I'm sad I didn't get her coloring).

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