This will shock you, but...

I kind of like harem pants. They're huge this season. All the fashion magazines say we must have them, while all the fashion critics cry "Hammer Time!" Despite any of that, I think they just may be the pant solution I've been looking for as the worst fit is in my thighs. With harem pants, the thighs are loose and draped. No more tears on bloated days. No more pulling down my trousers when I stand after a long period in a chair. If you style them with understated basics and a structured jacket, like the Polyvorians below did, they they are quite wearable and flattering.


I love harem pants too. I am obsessed. I need a pair and I need them now. Who ever thought that this style would come back. I am on the hunt. I will let you know if I find any.
Puer said…
Thanks for use my set! I love harem pants! they are great, comfortable and stylish! cheers! PuerkiChanel
Kusumanovich said…
i love harem pants, but i doubt to wear it. because i think it will make my body bigger. is it?
Jael Paris said…
I figure if they make my hips look big, it's because my hips actually are big. There's nothing wrong with being me.

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