Plus Size Fast Fashion

Forever 21 and Wet Seal, mall staples for cheap, trendy clothes will finally start selling plus size clothing in a few weeks. Unfortunately, they are following the example of Old Navy and will only be carrying these sizes online, because we all know once you hit a certain size, everything fits perfectly. Adding to the confusion is the term "extended sizes". Does this mean extra large and nothing else? It already feels like their sizes stop in the single digits.

Is this news a cause to celebrate or does it feel like a pathetic attempt to gain new customers?


1. That would be awesome but
2. buying stuff online sucks

If they opened separate stores (21 Plus!), I bet they'd make a killing.
Unknown said…
That's kind of a only?
Unknown said…
I agree with Heather - 21 Plus sounds like a great idea.
Anonymous said…
why cant they just start carrying all the stuff in +sizes in the store? it would be easy, and a lot better. i dont even care that much they started carrying my sizes (im a big gal :)) but the way theyre going around to it isn't going to convince me to start caring.
rachel said…
They could have their own little plus section, a la Mauices or Deb, but way cuter. Silly Forever 21.
contentablue said…
Pathetic attempt!
1) online only SUCKS, especially because if you need to return they usually only give you store credit and...
2) Why can't they just carry everything in the stores????


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