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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Betsey Bikini

I'm a full-coverage girl, but if I were to buy a two-piece swimsuit, I'd be tempted by this retro inspired number by Betsey Johnson. The sunny yellow is all beaches and lemonade, and the black trim gives it a sharp, chic feel. The ruffles and flowers are uber girly while the cut of the bottoms has a retro sex appeal. The only downside? Macy's is charging a crazy $228 for the whole thing!


kylsie said...

Oh Betsey Johnson. How I adore your clothes. How I long to have them. How I struggle to afford them.

Although I did buy an obnoxiously bright flowery purse a while back for $10 that was later confused for a Betsey Johnson by a stranger. That perked me up.

Drea said...

I wish the skirt was a bit longer and the price a lot shorter. lol.

TiBi said...

i love it! dream girl

Alexa said...

-cry- That price tag is the ultimate insult. I want one SO MUCH T^T
Of course, I wouldn't expect any less from Betsey Johnson.

Eric said...

Betsey Johnson is incredible. I really love her bikinis. This one is cute.