Wrapping Up Paris Fashion Week

Chloé showed a collection with lovely, laid-back, loose day wear. I found I liked this collection more than I usually like Chloé.

We will see plenty of Elie Saab's evening attire on celebrities as usual. However, the fourties-style day wear with lovely, feminine, hourglass shapes stole the show.

Louis Vuitton took the fun stuff from the eighties--ruffles, poof, lace and leather--for fall. I liked the super fun ruffle pieces.

Accessories are the heart of Louis Vuitton's sales. I don't usually love the accessories, but the muted logos on the bags, fun paper chain necklaces, crazy glasses, and amazing shoes are all rather awesome. Also, I need these boots (bottom left).

Photo Source: Style.com


tractordog said…
love all three of those collections...like you said...very vintage inspired!
susie_bubble said…
Hate to say it but Vuitton does do delectable deets....

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