''What's it like to go shopping with you?''

On Tuesday's American Idol, new judge Kara received flack for her critique of a dull teen. She said the song told her nothing about the girl, and she wanted to know: ''What's it like to go shopping with you?'' Everyone responded as if this were a crazy and irrelevant question but I knew exactly what she meant.

becca and I don't blog about fashion and shopping because we're vain and material. We think how a women shops and what she wears reveals things about her psychology. When we want to get to know someone, we go shopping with her. Will she wear bright colors? Would she feel comfortable in a mini-skirt? Does she head straight to the clearance rack or check out what's new? Does she wear what she loves or what she's comfortable in (very different things)?

So, what's it like to go shopping with you?

Image source: Travels With Tish


Rachel said…
Oh, you know aaaaall about me... ;)
Anonymous said…
I've never heard it put better. I feel that fashion and interior design are two fascinating ways in which people express themselves and play with beauty. It's too bad they are so often shrugged off as shallow and silly.

Loud, bright colors, form fitting, buttons, flounces. I'm like the Victorian era got in a car accident with Rainbow Brite. I'm the friend that everyone says, "I don't know why, but I always see things that I think you'd like. They're just so you."
Jael Paris said…
I will casually look at the new items, but I flip through every single thing on the sale rack. I shop at stores for middle aged professionals, but I don't dress like one. I try everything on. As long as we break for lunch, I can shop all day.
Anonymous said…
I love sales, and Goodwill, but sometimes I'll pay full price. Ruffles, happy colors, puffy sleeves, geometric patterns, buttons, flounce and vintage inspired stuff are my favorites. I'm a fan of stalking things until they go on sale.

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