As I was driving to Chicago to see becca this weekend, the rain shifted from pelting to sheets and the semi beside only compounded the merciless situation. I began to sing "superfluous roadtrip" as my mom, sitting in the passenger seat, closed her eyes and pretended we were some place slower than the 80/90 Toll Road.

Neither of us was prepared for the weather. She was wearing a tweed jacket and I my velvet frock coat, both of which provide the opposite service to repelling water. By the end of the day, with my damp hair matted to my forehead and neck, I began to dream of some light options for staying impervious to the rain.
Top: yellow plaid coat, Target $39.99
black classic rain trench, Max Studio $128
khaki skirted trench, Nordstrom $110
black floral coat, Forever 21 $39.80
grey coat with red buttons, Clothesline, Revolve Clothing $116
Bottom: silver python trench, Bloomingdale's $87.99
navy double-breasted coat with contrast trim, Target $54.99
zebra trench, Arden B. $98
orange and grey trench, Mod Cloth $79.99
white raincoat with dot lining, Target $27.99

Target also has an adorable collection of bright, print raincoats only available in their stores.


Anonymous said…
These are all very cute. But you know what I don't understand? Why they don't always put hoods on raincoats. I mean, it just seems like it should be standard!

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