Save or Splurge: Prom

Prom is a major fashion moment for most high school girls. I remember being really excited about shopping for prom dresses. I wanted the perfect dress, but I knew my mom wasn't going to spend a ton of money. My choice first dress was actually a really cheap clearance find, but it sold out in my size before I could get it. This left me with slightly more expensive dresses just to find a good fit. (I also had to struggle to find something other than those bedazzled two-piece horrors that were popular then).

I've never worn that dress again. It's pretty, but my style has certainly evolved so it seems a little silly now. I also never again wore the shoes or even the silly prom jewelry I bought. Prom is a save in hindsight even if it seemed like a splurge then.

Will you or did you save or splurge on your prom?

Floral Print Dress, JC Penny, $149.99


Jael Paris said…
I spent $100 on junior prom and wore the dress three more times. Senior prom, I spent $10.

I can't decide if that floral dress is quirky or ugly.
Anonymous said…
Definitely splurged. but i looked good.

Junior prom I spent $150 for a $600 dress on sale. It was light pink with sequins on the bodice and petals covering the entire skirt. so pretty.

Senior ball I bought a $200 dress from Anthropologie. It was rainbow striped. Sounds kind of crazy but it was actually awesome. But I found this $600 Nicole Miller dress that I absolutely fell in love with. champagne with a burnt orange top. it reminded me of egypt.
Anonymous said…
I went to three proms and three "military balls" for Jr. ROTC. I spent between $25-$80 on each dress, recycled one between military ball and prom. In retrospect I'm sad I didn't at least splurge my senior year. I don't like any of the dresses I wore but they were bargains. The prettiest one I bought online and it didn't fit. Squished chest all night.
Anonymous said…
I was limited by my mother's budget. I feel your pain. Mine never went much over $100, which I can understand from my mother's point of view. From the high school girl point of view though? Prom is it. It's your chance to show that you can dress up too. To show your crush how pretty you can be. Splurge, baby.

An Anthropologie dress for prom? Not only am I jealous, but you were soooo far ahead of where I was on the style curve.
Jael Paris said…
While I was in the middle of showing my crush how pretty I could be, some girl ran up behind me and tickled me. Epic fail.

Ditto the Anthropologie comment.
Anonymous said…
I spent $100 on my prom dress and only wore it once. The following year, I found a fun poofy black number at a consignment store for $13. I wore that dress 5 or 6 times. It finally found its way back to a consignment shop last week. Probably won't have much use for formals in the next few years.
Rachel said…
I spent $11 on my prom dress (bought it off-season). Loved it.
Anonymous said…
last year i spent fourty by making my dress, this year i spent the same buying a dress on consignment.

and i looked better last year, and ill look better htis year too. :)

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