Save or Splurge: Classic Suit Vest

A classic suiting vest can dress up countless outfits in anyone's wardrobe. It can add a professional touch to a skirt and blouse. It can cinch sack dresses or convert casual dresses to work wear. It can bring a sharp menswear element so super girlish pieces. Overall, it's a pretty useful item.

I'm currently looking for a classic vest like the one pictured. I want a great fabric, classic shape and perfect fit. Thrift stores have a ton of vests for amazing prices, but I've had more luck finding unique or statement vests. Target, Kohl's and other affordable stores are also carrying nice vests, but the fabrics and fit leave a little to be desired.

For that one classic vest, I might be willing to splurge a little. However, I wouldn't want to spend too much because a great fitting vest may require a little tailoring. I would call a classic vest a conservative splurge.

Would you save or splurge on a classic vest?

Pictured: Linen 4-Button Vest $69.50


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