Paris Fashion Week Favorites So Far

John Galliano was Russian and fabulous. Want the pom-pom boots! Want the embroidered mini skirts! Want the peasant blouses! Want! Want! Want!My internal monologue for Collette Dinnigan: pretty! ooh, lace! pretty! beads! sexy! pretty!
The first look from Wunderkind featured a top hat; thus, it has my instant love. The idea is great -- Victorianism meets the modern office -- but I wish it had been carried through more strongly across the board. The checkerboards and literal animal prints felt off topic.
Miu Miu is the sort of thing I'd expect a Gossip Girl to wear to an event (the fact that I don't watch Gossip Girl notwithstanding). It's not a stretch to say this collection lacked youth and playfulness. Even the jeweled pieces at the end reminded me more of Aunt Edna's holiday sweaters than sequined party goers. The fun shoes were at Prada, but these were far more staid. What gives, Miuccia?
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Vicki said…
The Galliano makeup totally made me think of undead dolls. :D

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