Milan Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Dsquared² sent a mix of high and low down the runway illustrated by the Starbucks cups, Blackberrys and US Weekly magazines carried down the runway by the models wearing everything from worn in jeans to evening dresses.

MaxMara went back to basics with wearable, everyday clothes and classic coats.

Equestrian style and scroll print ruled the runway at Pollini creating some stunning pieces.

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Jael Paris said…
The Pollini show is beautiful!

What does it say about our culture that Starbucks is on a runway? Burned coffee is a crappy accessory.
Anonymous said…
I don't care if it's Starbucks they're carrying or another brand, I think it's so cool of Dsquared² to show models as if they were walking down the street. As if streets were runways. So cool. I really liked all of their looks.

I also liked the last two dresses shown by Pallini. Very very cute.
Anonymous said…
I love the outfits and designs!
Anonymous said…
You know what scares me? The fact that this is what they think "equestrian style" is. Oh well my town has taken the "equestrian style" and made it their own. Wearing tall back boots and patched leggings or jeans. I can finally wear my riding attire to school (the real stuff people not fake) and people actually ask me how it looks so real!

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