Milan Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Bottega Veneta's roots are in leather, and I dream of owning one of their purses some day. In light of that, I decided to skip the runway and focus on the show accessories.Things to love at Salvatore Ferragamo: layered sheer, fingerless gloves, long gloves, monochrome, burgundy, wide coat sleeves (Note to the fashion industry: you can't market puff sleeve shirts and slender coat sleeves in the same season.), thumb-hook sleeves, and slim yet not tight dresses.
Mushroom was the primary color at Alessandro Dell'Acqua, and it highlighted great design details or the lack thereof. I love the shoes, so of course, this is not a show with detail images. The haphazard collection hit its stride with chain mail sweaters and plate-like leather.
First, the models at Prada scared me. I had to look at each picture several times before I saw anything but a deathly pale girl with picked out hair and a psychotic stare. Second, I had to look at certain outfits several times before I saw anything other than thigh high boots. Sadly, these boots are more wader, less sex pot. Third, Spring/Summer disappointed me, and this season continued the streak. What's up Miuccia? On a more positive note, this is yet another Fall/Winter 2009 show to feature velvet and tweed, so that trend is certainly sticking around another year.

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