Milan Fashion Week Favorites So Far

Albino featured soft draping and cocoon coats. I kept looking at the shoes and necklaces, not made in-house, which does not speak well of the clothing. said there were beautiful details on the back, but they did not supply any pictures.Erto had great prints which made me want to break out all my bohemian clothes from high school. Love the shoes, but aren't they more of a summer sandal? I may try to make that fringe necklace; I'll post the results if I ever find my camera charger.Luisa Beccaria has only been showing for two years, but you wouldn't know it. Portrait collar jackets and knee length skirts were picture perfect for weddings, business lunches, and general poshness. The evening gowns at the end were spun-sugar delicious.
While I didn't like the looks at Marni over all, there were plenty of details to love. People will snatch up the sweaters, tights, brocades, shoes and bags. The blues and mustards swing back to the New York color trend. Hitting another trend that we haven't loved or mentioned, all the furs ended up looking like gorilla arms. Ew. No. As always, I love Marni's jewelry and look forward to playing with it in Polyvore.
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Rachel said…
I'm loving all the knee length skirts in your recent fashion week posts.
Jael Paris said…
Milan seems to grasp work dress codes, while New York and London don't.

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