The Horror: Kill This Trend.

I'll let slide that this cocktail dress thinks 21 Jump Street is, like, the best show ever and wants to go to prom with Emilio Estevez. After all, some people enjoy dressing like they came straight from 1987 (and they were usually born in 1993). Where the dress passes from Jem quirk into hair pulling fashion disaster is the waist. Forever 21, that is not "rosette trim;" it's a craft palette hot glued into submission with not a care for placement, symmetry, or the tickle factor of the left arm. The random placement of distracting and unnecessary flowers must stop!


lauren said…
Hallelujah! I mean, really. You have said what I have so oft thought lately. Thing is there is really great 80s fashion and there's totally crap 80s fashion and that distinction is getting overlooked way too often lately. Ugh!
Anonymous said…
What's with all the dresses sprouting odd things in odd places lately? The dress with loofas growing on the hem, the dress with the viney shoulders, and now the floral stomacher. I don't get it.
Anonymous said…
Would stop loving me if I admitted I love this example?

Cause I kind of love this example.
MissBliss said…
scary! as the Jem commercial said, "truly outrageous!"

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