Green With Vintage

It's St. Patrick's Day! For this week's vintage shop, I rounded up pretty green dresses from Etsy. (Fun fact: becca was searching for the perfect green dress for years. Now I can't see one without thinking of her.)Top: plaid sundress, Animal Head Vintage $75
mod sweater dress 1960s, Retro Renegade Vintage $42
print shirt dress 1960s, Heidi Hodge $18
Middle: ruffle collar bubble dress 1960s, Dusty Rose Vintage $60
brocade wiggle dress, Cherry Delight Vintage $29
wide collar halter dress 1960s, Grey Gardens Vintage $28
Bottom: olive button mini dress 1960s, The Pink Space Ship $42
lattice sleeve suit 1970s, Cloud Nine Vintage $50
chevron dress 1980s, Planet Claire Vintage $42


Anonymous said…
Loooooooove the mod sweater dress. Deciding if I have $42 to spare...
Anonymous said…
<3 Plaid sundress! Adorable.

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